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Vaccines 101 – An immunologist’s perspective on vaccines and vaccine hesitancy

By mcwoodruff | March 9, 2021 |

All about vaccines! Topics include history of vaccine hesitancy, immune responses to vaccines, types of vaccines, and vaccine safety. Brought to you by Jefferson’s Electorate. Want more? Please consider donating!

The COVID-19 vaccine made me feel like garbage (that’s fine!)

By mcwoodruff | March 6, 2021 |

I got my Moderna booster! And it made me feel terrible… But that’s ok! This is an explainer about what it’s like to get the COVID vaccine, how vaccines work, and why they sometimes make us feel sick even though they are safe and effective.

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“Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 will have side effects – that’s a good thing”

February 24, 2021 |

Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 will have side effects – that’s a good thing Matthew Woodruff, Emory University Takeaways Temporary side effects from vaccines are a normal sign of a developing immune response. Vaccines work by training your immune system to recognize and remember a pathogen in a safe way. Expected side…