Matthew Woodruff, PhD

Matt is an immunologist at Emory University within the Lowance Center for Human Immunology. Receiving his Ph.D from Harvard University in 2014, his research has focused on the arm of the immune system responsible for antibody production, particularly in the case of vaccination and autoimmune disease. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has shifted his focus to understanding immune responses to COVID-19 and has been a lead investigator in important studies in the development of autoreactive antibodies in severe forms of the disease. In addition to his scientific work, he has been involved in public outreach in discussions around vaccination and COVID-19, publishing explainers and op-eds that have appeared in The Hill, Slate, and PBS NewsHour. He is also a member of the Scholars Strategy Network.

Alexander Woodruff, MPH

Alex Woodruff is a Health Science Specialist at the Partnered Evidence-based Policy Resource Center (PEPReC) at the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System and a public health consultant. He is a skilled policy analyst and applies his understanding of health law and policy to evaluate and develop evidence-based approaches to public health topics. Much of his work has focused on improving access to care for vulnerable populations by implementing novel clinical programs and addressing the US opioid addiction and overdose crisis. Prior to his career in public health, Alex worked as an EMT in Boston in communities heavily impacted by poverty and the opioid overdose and addiction epidemics.

Alex headshot