From the founders: 

Like many across the world, our lives have been disrupted by the ongoing pandemic. The nature of our work outside of this platform has required our full attention during this past year, and has forced us to focus on the basic science and public health impact of COVID-19. However, in that process, we have created tools in our own work that we hope will be of some value to the greater community. We have created a repository of that work here, where it can be freely accessed and distributed if useful.

Stay safe. ~Matt and Alex

Recent Content

Discovery – DJIA performance under Pres. Reagan

September 24, 2018

Resource – CDC vaccine primer

September 18, 2018

Understanding how vaccines work Center for Disease Control Difficulty: 4/10 Read time: 10 minutes PDF can be downloaded here Description: This is a brief primer provided by the CDC explaining the details of how vaccines protect the body from subsequent infection. It outlines general concepts including How vaccines work Different types of vaccines Why some…

US Trade Policy Primer

September 14, 2018

U.S. Trade Policy Primer: Frequently Asked Questions Congressional Research Service Difficulty: 4/10 PDF can be downloaded here Description: This is a trade policy primer designed to answer frequently asked questions about US trade policy. It focuses on five main topics. Basics of Trade US Trade Trends Formulation of US Trade Policy US Trade Policy Tools…

Discovery – US trade following NAFTA

September 13, 2018

Economic Post Place Holder

September 8, 2018

Discovery – Measles vaccination

September 8, 2018

Discovery – Alien Apprehensions Under Presidents Bush/Clinton

September 7, 2018